The design and details make the Christmas tree unique every year

issuing time :2020-08-12

At Christmas, the Christmas tree is a very important decoration. People living in the city may not be able to cut down a tree suitable for Christmas trees, but they still have the opportunity to see this symbolic representative of the festival on different occasions. Today's Christmas trees have undergone major changes on the basis of traditional styles. The addition of different designs, different colors, and different devices makes the Christmas tree more diverse and creative.

Lightly open the blue gift box to light up the bright holiday

 Hong Kong Plaza Blue Theme Christmas Tree

The base of the Christmas tree is surrounded by layers of Tiffany blue gift boxes, symbolizing a dream come true winter romantic surprise.

 This Christmas, Hong Kong Plaza welcomed Tiffany & Co. Tiffany's first Christmas lighting ceremony in China.

 The tall and lush Tiffany bright blue Christmas tree stands in front of the Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza. The base is surrounded by stacked Tiffany blue gift boxes, symbolizing a dream come true winter romantic surprise. The diamond lighting design above the main entrance is derived from the firework decoration pattern designed by Tiffany to pay tribute to the 128.54 carat "Tiffany Legend Yellow Diamond" at the New York World's Fair in the last century. The Tiffany Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza store is also equipped with a Christmas tree piled with blue gift boxes. The spiral staircase next to the tree seems to overlap the colorful scenes of fairy tales and reality, leading people into the world of winter fantasy and looking forward to beautiful Christmas surprises.

Holiday greetings intertwined with gold and red

Grand Gateway 66 Golden and Red Theme Christmas Tree

From Paris to London, from New York to Shanghai, this special Christmas tree conveys the festive atmosphere of the whole world.

        Golden and red Christmas balls entwined with silver-white branches and leaves, and the Cartier classic double-C logo on the top of the tree shines with golden light, which complements the Cartier red and white gift box. This 15-meter-high Christmas tree, covering an area of 150 square meters, uniquely presents the silhouette of Shanghai and the location of the three major temples of Cartier: Paris, London and New York. From Paris to London, from New York to Shanghai, the Cartier Boy is being carefully decorated under the black and gold landmark buildings, and scenes of warm and moving Christmas stories are also staged, illuminating everyone's Christmas dreams. Miss Jing Tian, who wore Cartier's Les Oiseaux Libérés series of jewels, shared her Christmas wishes at the lighting ceremony and sent her Christmas blessings.

Sing for love

The Christmas tree symbolizing "love" in Jing'an Kerry Center

Christmas is a beautiful time to express love.

The Christmas tree is surrounded by love, from the base layer with the decoration of love to the top of the Christmas tree, creating a bright Christmas tree symbolizing "love". The giant logo of LOVE and KERRY is placed in front of the Christmas tree, which is connected to the Christmas tree through LEDs. Different from the previous lighting process of the Christmas tree, the Jing'an Kerry Christmas tree was lit this time by inviting guests to water "LOVE, KERRY", continuously injecting water and energy to light the Christmas tree.

 During the Christmas period, the splendid winter market will also be open to the public in the South Square, and the market installation based on the concept of the cable car will decorate the South Square. On December 31, the mall will be open until the early hours of the morning for the first time, and will join hands with mysterious performers to bring an ingenious countdown party, inviting you to use music and wine to explore the good time of "love" with your family.

Play games with Santa and Moose in a Swedish hut

 Christmas Moose Village at Shanghai IFC Mall

The steeple cabin with a strong Swedish style has a clear European Christmas style, which makes it easy for people to enter the situation of snow fluttering.

        The Christmas installations designed with the theme of European Christmas and moose combined with artistic elements make Christmas at Shanghai IFC Mall more childish. Three golden horns and silver moose with a height of 3 meters stand tall, arranged in layers to form a unique Christmas tree shape, which is reflected in the photo of the bright snowflakes and lights, and the overall shape is very dreamy. More than ten towering and scattered colorful Christmas trees and colorful snowflakes decorated with row upon row of ornate Christmas tree candle holders loaded by another giant moose sleigh, like joy and joy, add to the manor a European Christmas atmosphere.

Moose dolls made of felt are very popular with children.

        If you are particularly fond of the naïve-looking moose, then you can also see a variety of lively and cute moose exhibitions from different countries with different materials. Both adults and children can feel the joy of Christmas here.

French Christmas Carnival

Shangjia Center Warm Winter X Lost City

The Christmas tree in Shangjia Center is unique in shape, and the golden lights shine with a unique beauty.

        The "Warm Winter X Lost City" Christmas-themed event jointly presented by the Shanghai luxury landmark Shangjia Center, together with well-known French curators Valerie Henry and three French artists, Cerise Doucede, Emilie Faif, and Moyoshi, features the shopping mall mascot, Lapin Lapin. ) For creative inspiration, under the creation of the three artists, a variety of different image roles and symbolic symbols appear in every corner of the shopping mall, with elements such as Christmas reindeer, golden and red feathers, dazzling stars and golden Christmas trees. Start a magical and magical Christmas journey together. In addition to these classic Christmas elements, you can also participate in many different interesting interactive sessions on the spot to make this Christmas more fun.

Super tall Christmas tree VS wonderful market

 Wonderful Christmas and New Year's Season in Superbrand Plaza

The super-high Christmas tree that was originally placed indoors has now been moved outdoors, becoming one of the highlights of Christmas this year.

        The super-high Christmas tree in Lujiazui’s landmark Super Square is also a very eye-catching design. The traditional Christmas tree shape is enlarged, and then combined with atypical Christmas elements such as glasses, watches, bags, etc., showing a unique sense of relaxation. Those who like to visit the Christmas market should not miss the Christmas market on the 5th floor of Superbrand Plaza. Hand-made limited-edition products and specially decorated stalls are vividly showing the lively scene of the traditional Christmas market.

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